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Welcome to Alpha Ethiopia Tours

Alpha Ethiopia Tours is a newly established firm based in Mekelle the capital city of the Tigrai state and the main city to start and finish the Danakil depression Tour. We will work to bring the fascinating history and culture of Ethiopia to the world.  From modest beginnings, our company focused on providing unique experiences, through tailor-made programs and personalized service.

With an emphasis on quality and professional service we have quickly risen within the ranks of tourism service providers within Ethiopia and are constantly evolving with this vibrant, flourishing industry.  As Ethiopia and its tourism sector develop, we are excited to bring new, innovative experiences to our guests.

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Welcome to Ethiopia

Truly a land of contrasts, from the cool peaks of the Simien Mountains to the searing desert of the Danakil Depression, from the historical northern highlands to the wild free-roaming southern regions, Ethiopia remains a unique destination within Africa and the world.

History in Ethiopia begins with her most famous ancestor, Lucy, who roamed these lands some 3.2 million years ago.  The rise of the Axumite Empire in the 1st century BC usually marks the beginning of relatively modern Ethiopian history.