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Welcome to Alpha Ethiopia Tours

Alpha Ethiopia Tours officially opened its doors for operation in 2010, founded by an Ethiopian tour specialist. Applying  personal and professional travel experience, Tours Ethiopia to bring the fascinating history and culture of Ethiopia to the world. From modest beginnings, our company focused on providing unique experiences, through tailor-made programs and personalized service. With an emphasis on quality and professional service we have quickly risen within the ranks of tourism service providers within Ethiopia and are constantly evolving with this vibrant, flourishing industry. As Ethiopia and its tourism sector develop, we are excited to bring new, innovative experiences to our guests.

We offer personalized service in order to meet your specific needs.

Our Values

Our values are simple and are focused on the client experience and the impact and contribution to Ethiopian society and development.

We appreciate that every opportunity to travel and experience new cultures is a privilege that must be cherished. We are committed to ensuring unforgettable experiences and professional service.

We believe that tourism should benefit the local communities of a destination. To that effect, we support community-based tourism projects and organizations that focus on societal development.

We have welcomed many different types of visitors to Ethiopia including individuals, groups, business travelers, photographers, student groups, volunteers, and meeting & conference organizers.

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